Writing includes policy analysis and foreign reportage, as well as essays and book reviews on LGBT+ issues and other topics.


Geopolitical analysis (think tank)

LSE IDEAS (10/14/2020): Ask the experts: Is a renewed EU-China partnership possible?

ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute (10/5/2020): Biden "Re-pivot" to Asia cannot be Obama 2.0

LSE IDEAS (7/10/20): The failures of the "China fantasy"

LSE IDEAS (5/14/20): Covid-19 and the Global South

Lowy Institute (5/27/20): Another pearl in China's string?

LSE IDEAS (3/25/20): Battleground Southeast Asia: China's rise and America's options 

Lowy Institute (11/26/19): Cambodia: playing the long game with Hun Sen

Council on Foreign Relations (12/20/18): Can Hun Sen pass power to his children?

Geopolitical analysis (popular media)

The National Interest (10/21/2020): To beat China, support people, not illiberal elites

SupChina (10/21/2020): China's relationship with Southeast Asia, explained

CNN Opinion (10/19/2020): By limiting student visas, the US is losing more than students

The Boston Globe (10/4/20): Expand American influence around the world, or else China will fill our shoes

9DASHLINE (9/9/20): Thailand protests: an ancien régime faces a reckoning 

The Boston Globe (9/3/20): China's leader makes it all about him, and that's dangerous

The Diplomat (9/1/20): How the US can win back Southeast Asia

9DASHLINE (8/14/20): Cambodia after Hun Sen: a hereditary autocracy?

Haaretz (7/15/20): Peter Beinart is so disappointed by Israeli Jews he's given up on them

Haaretz (6/14/20): How long can Trump bully Israel to downgrade ties with China?

9DASHLINE (6/2/20): Has the Mekong become the new South China Sea?

The Washington Post (6/2/20): Welcome to China’s new interventionist foreign policy

South China Morning Post (6/1/20): The coronavirus pandemic will push developing countries to... 

Politico Europe (5/22/20): China flexes its trade muscles

Foreign Policy (4/20/20): Beijing's propaganda is finding few takers

The American Interest (4/15/20): How China's mask diplomacy failed

Slate (3/20/20): China is not the hero of the pandemic

Foreign Policy (3/10/20): Hun Sen is rewriting Cambodian history under Xi Jinping's tutelage

The Diplomat (2/29/20): Making the most of U.S.-ASEAN ties, even without the Vegas summit

Politico Europe (2/21/20): How Brexit could undermine human rights in Cambodia

The Washington Post (2/1/20): Trump's travel ban expansion is an unexpected win—for China

Haaretz (12/11/19): Israel's shameful role in Myanmar's genocidal campaign against the Rohingya 

Foreign Policy (12/12/19): In Cambodia, 'rule of law' means Hun Sen rules

Washington Monthly (11/25/19): Where China isn't sending its best and brightest 

The Diplomat (10/1/19): Can the U.S. bring Cambodia back from the brink?

World Politics Review (4/12/19): Trump, normally cozy with despots, takes a hard line with Cambodia’s Hun Sen

The American Prospect (8/15/18): A free press in Europe? Not if we have anything to say about it!

Foreign reportage

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (5/26/2020): Profile of Romanian politician Peter Eckstein-Kovács

Haaretz (5/14/2020): The crumbling structures of Romania's Jewish past

Los Angeles Review of Books (4/12/2020): O Jerusalem, if I should forget you

Washington Monthly (2/20/20): The Trump administration is putting more refugees in harm's way

BBC News (1/25/20): From Our Own Correspondent (wrote and recorded a radio piece on Cambodia's crackdown) 

Washington Monthly (1/15/20): The Trump administration just quietly deported 25 Cambodian immigrants

Los Angeles Review of Books (1/6/20): The longest failed regime in the world 

Los Angeles Review of Books (8/2/19): Tough fighters hanging on in Vietnam

Just Security (8/29/19): Protections fall for Vietnamese immigrants as Trump pushes deportations

The Atlantic (7/20/19): Agent Orange's continued legacy in Cambodia and Laos

Foreign Policy (7/16/19): Hun Sen's man in Washington (state)

Los Angeles Times (5/21/19): Vietnam War left a painful legacy for indigenous minority that fought alongside U.S.

Los Angeles Times (3/6/19): He was deported at 19. Now a 30-year-old Cambodian is back home in California

The New York Times (2/15/19): Deported and 9,000 miles apart, but ‘you stay with the person you love’ 

Haaretz (2/5/19): Israel retains warm ties with Myanmar despite human rights issues

The Atlantic (1/16/19): Cambodian deportees return to a 'home' they've never known

HuffPost (12/19/18): Ambassador’s sudden exit amid deportation fight was normal, State Department says

Southeast Asia Globe (12/14/18): Khmer Rouge tribunal: 'astonishing failure’ or ‘justice for millions’?

The Atlantic (12/13/18): Democrats challenge Trump over Vietnam deportations

The Atlantic (12/12/18): Trump moves to deport Vietnam War refugees 

The New York Times (12/12/18): Dozens more Cambodian immigrants to be deported from U.S., officials say 

Southeast Asia Globe (12/12/18): The deportees caught in Trump’s immigration war

The New York Times (11/22/18): Trump administration quietly backs off on deporting Vietnamese immigrants 

South China Morning Post (11/16/18): Khmer Rouge leaders convicted of genocide in landmark court ruling 

Jewish issues

The New York Jewish Week (8/25/2020): What Black liberation and Jewish liberation have in common

Los Angeles Review of Books (5/30/2020): When Israel was socialist

Haaretz (3/23/2020): American Jews don't care that Israel's democracy is falling apart

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (1/7/2019): In repressive Myanmar, a tiny Jewish community hangs on to the past 

Tablet Magazine (9/26/2018): As progressive movements move toward radical positions, will liberal youth stay away?

The Times of Israel (8/20/2018): A nationalist streak runs through Putin’s love for Jews and Israel

Haaretz (8/25/2018): N.Y. state senate candidate, amid controversy, says she's Jewish...

Haaretz (8/24/2018): Jewish, Latina and pro-BDS: the N.Y. candidate vying to follow in Ocasio-Cortez's footsteps

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (6/28/2018): Desus and Mero are late-night comedy’s most Jewish hosts

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (6/8/2018): Anthony Bourdain used food to bridge divides

The Forward (2/3/17): No, the Syrian refugee crisis is not another Holocaust

LGBT+ issues

The New York Times (10/18/2019): 'Big Mouth' is the queer childhood I wish I had 

The Atlantic (8/24/2019): When kids are straight until proven otherwise 

The New Republic (6/18/2019): No, the Buttigiegs are not straight

Los Angeles Review of Books (8/7/2019): The tax of otherness: Lil Nas X and queer masculinity

The Washington Post (3/1/2018): Even in a progressive environment, I had trouble coming out as gay

SB Nation's Stars & Stripes FC (6/1/2017): They’re not just jerseys

Politics, sports, and culture

Quartz (5/1/20): Western democracy’s problem with authority makes it more vulnerable to Covid-19

The New York Times (2/1/2020): 'BoJack Horseman' ended with a necessary reckoning

The American Prospect (2/23/2018): ‘Liberal’ campuses, conservative media, and the First Amendment

These Football Times (5/11/2018): A trip into the elusive but ever-improving world of Andorran football

SB Nation's Stars & Stripes FC (9/3/2017): USMNT venue selection deserves some scrutiny

SB Nation's Stars & Stripes FC (5/16/2017): The purgatory of the American prospect

SB Nation's Stars & Stripes FC (5/3/2017): The miseducation of Julian Green

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