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These Football Times: "A trip into the elusive but ever-improving world of Andorran football"

Nestled within the Pyrenees mountains, between the European hegemons of France and Spain, is Andorra, an independent microstate known almost-exclusively for its winter sports and duty-free shopping. Advertised as a combined airport shopping concourse and ski resort, the country of 73,000 is a mere three hours from Barcelona and four from Toulouse, and is a tourist hub for affluent thrill seekers and upscale brand bargain hunters from both states.

The bus trip from Barcelona winds through the Catalan countryside and is dotted not only with Catalan independence flags and graffiti, but with billboards advertising the destination. A photo of a ski season-dressed woman gleefully slinging a bag of presumably-designers bags over her shoulder is accompanied by the words ‘Andorra Commercial Center’.

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