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Media and panel appearances

Afternoon Drive with John Maytham (3/8/23): Defeating the Dictators (radio)

Spectrum News 1 (2/27/23): The global rise of autocratic regimes (TV)

RISING Global Peace Forum: (2/24/23): Defeating the Dictators – on the 365th day of Ukrainian resistance (panel)

Bloomberg Radio (2/23/23): How democracy can beat autocracy (radio)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (2/22/23): China and the fight between democracies and autocracies (panel/podcast)

Times Radio (2/13/23): Defeating the Dictators (radio)

The Bunker (2/9/23): How to beat the strongmen – and save democracy (podcast)

BBC News (2/8/23): Zelensky goes to Westminster (TV)

Royal United Services Institute (2/8/23): Defeating the Dictators (panel)

China Research Group at UK Parliament (2/7/23): Defeating the Dictators (panel)

Times Radio (2/7/23): Defeating the Dictators (radio)

Fabian Society (2/3/23): Defeating the Dictators (panel)

Intrigue Outloud (2/3/23): A Tale of Two Systems: Democracy and autocracy in the 21st century (podcast)

U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (10/17/22): Deterring Chinese gray zone activity in Cambodia (video available on request)

U.S. Foreign Service Institute (U.S. State Department) (7/7/22): Presentation on Southeast Asia (no video available)

Center for Strategic and International Studies (6/23/22): Turning around U.S.-Cambodia Relations (podcast)

Center for International Private Enterprise: (6/22/22): Cambodian Elections: Local Results, National Effects (podcast)

Taiwan+ News (Taiwan) (5/16/22): U.S. President Biden steps up Asia ties (TV)

Taiwan+ News (Taiwan) (3/22/22): U.S. declares “genocide” in Myanmar (TV)

Bloomberg Radio (3/9/22): Interview on China-Russia relations with David Westin (no clip available) (radio)

TV Tokyo (Japan) (3/6/22): Interview on China-Russia relations (TV) (in Japanese)

London School of Economics (2/24/22): Disputed Waters: The Maritime Security of the South China Sea (panel)

Breaking the Net (1/23/22): Build Back Asian (podcast)

China Research Group (12/17/21): Talks on China: Charles Dunst on the UK's South East Asian opportunity (podcast)

TV Tokyo (Japan) (11/22/21): Interview on US-China tensions (TV) (in Japanese)

Radio Free Asia (Mandarin Service) (10/6/21): Jake Sullivan meets with Yang Jiechi (radio) (in Mandarin)

Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs (US Air Force) (9/9/21): The Myanmar crisis: obstacles, opportunities, and observations

GZERO Media (8/18/21): The US couldn't have won Afghanistan (with Ian Bremmer)

China in Africa Podcast (SupChina) (8/13/21): Assessing the impact of anti-China sentiment in the Global South (podcast)

GZERO Media (7/23/21): The US can advance democracy without being the world's sheriff (with Ian Bremmer)

GZERO Media (7/1/21): Europe's "clear vision" for relations with China is one-sided (with Ian Bremmer)

GZERO Media (6/17/21): NATO’s role as a deterrent is still critically important to the US (with Ian Bremmer)

GZERO Media (5/20/21): Multinational corporations aren't about to give up on global business (with Ian Bremmer)

BBC News (3/28/21): BBC World News: Myanmar violence (TV)

Fundamental Freedoms Fund (U.S. State Department) (4/30/20): Patterns of Autocracy (panel)

BBC News (1/25/20): From Our Own Correspondent (about Cambodia) (radio/podcast)

American Purpose (12/8/20): Will America defend Taiwan? (panel)

ABC News (1/12/19): Cambodian refugees deported back to nation 40 years after genocide (TV)

Newsy (12/14/18): Trump administration looks to deport Vietnamese (TV) (video available upon request)

Commentary and coverage

South China Morning Post (3/7/23): Jailing of Kem Sokha will ensure Hun Sen’s son gets ‘smooth transfer’ of power

The Sun (3/5/23): How ‘deluded’ Putin thought Ukraine invasion would break up NATO

Newsweek (2/28/23): China in awkward position on Ukraine as Lukashenko heads to Beijing

Newsweek (2/27/23): China raises questions with coy remarks about weapons for Russia

Asia Times (2/27/23): Ukraine war nudging Cambodia toward the West

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (12/31/22): The year that changed the China-Russia relationship

Asia Times (11/16/22): Cambodia quietly trying to distance itself from China

South China Morning Post (11/11/22): ASEAN leaders ‘unlikely’ to chastise Russia over Ukraine war

Asia Times (11/8/22): No glimmers of democratic hope allowed in Cambodia

South China Morning Post (10/31/22): Will ASEAN norms, absence of Malaysia’s top diplomat doom Myanmar peace plan?

Bloomberg (10/24/22): US allies fear Trump whiplash, eye midterms for political clues

Straits Times (9/10/22): IPEF talks not meant to exclude China, say trade analysts

Asahi Shimbun (Japan) (9/9/22): Supply chain pillar is popular: four areas of IPEF negotiations

Inside U.S. Trade (9/7/22): Which countries will join which IPEF pillars? Asia Group analysts weigh in

VOA (7/29/22): U.S. urged to clarify approach to Cambodia's drift towards China

Asia Times (7/15/22): Why China can't let Laos default

Business Insider (6/27/22): The US and its allies are seeking to counter China in the Pacific Islands

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (6/8/22): What’s next for China’s Fudan University campus in Hungary?

South China Morning Post (6/5/22): East Timor isn’t ‘taking sides’ but it wants Beijing’s help, says president

Financial Times (5/26/22): Australia and US move to shore up Pacific support after China’s overtures

POLITICO (5/11/22): Philippines – Minimum viable democracy on the way

South China Morning Post (5/11/22): What does a Marcos Jnr presidency mean for ASEAN and democracy in the region?

South China Morning Post (4/28/22): Will Biden pitch his new ‘China challenge’ strategy at Washington meet?

Bloomberg News (3/15/22): China says it wants to avoid U.S. Sanctions over Russia's war

VOA Khmer (3/8/22): US analyst: Hun Sen's policy will fail in Myanmar if not changed (in Khmer)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (3/2/22): How far will Beijing go in backing Putin?

Asia Times (2/22/22): Biden’s SE Asia policy ‘pivots’ to anti-corruption

VOA Khmer (2/19/22): ASEAN seeks to boost economic recovery and avoid geopolitical pressures (in Khmer)

VOA Khmer (2/15/22): Prak Sokhonn: Cambodia leads ASEAN amid pressure (in Khmer)

South China Morning Post (2/15/22): Japan hosts Cambodian leader Hun Sen’s son amid bid to ‘balance China’s influence’

Asia Times (2/9/22): Hun Sen’s global moment tainted by labor clampdown

Washington Times (2/7/22): Prime minister grooms West Point-educated son to take over in Cambodia

POLITICO (2/4/22): Global Insider newsletter: How to blow $250 million

POLITICO (1/31/22): Global Insider newsletter: The party's over in Downing Street

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (1/5/22): China in Eurasia Briefing: what to watch in 2022

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (1/1/22): Five China stories to watch across Eurasia in 2022

NOVO Semanário (Portugal) (12/25/21): Mianmar ou país que vive preso num beco quase sem saída (in Portuguese)

Al Jazeera (12/21/21): Cambodia’s ‘cowboy diplomacy’ in Myanmar isolates ASEAN

South China Morning Post (12/18/21): US comes a-courting in Asean as it pressures Beijing. What will it achieve?

Business Insider (12/15/21): The US is looking for partners to converge against "Beijing's aggressive actions"

POLITICO (12/10/21): National Security Daily newsletter: The Biden admin's monthly counter-China club

Radio France Internationale (France) (11/22/21): How does AUKUS affect ASEAN-China negotiations? (in Vietnamese)

South China Morning Post (11/20/21): South China Sea: will Aukus affect Asean’s code of conduct talks with Beijing?

POLITICO (11/10/21): Global Insider newsletter: Honey, I shrunk the Davos

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (11/6/21): Chinese ripples: an evolving energy crisis takes hold

Les Echos (France)  (10/18/21): Under pressure, Southeast Asian countries speak out against Burmese junta (in French)

Business Insider (10/13/21): Satellite photos show more construction at military base where US has 'serious concerns'...

Radio Free Asia (Mandarin Service) (10/6/21): Sullivan meets with Yang Jiechi amid Taiwan tensions (in Mandarin)

Le Point (France) (10/6/21): Bauxite: Guinea at the heart of the global geoeconomy (in French)

POLITICO (10/4/21): Global Insider newsletter: Who's Biden gonna call after Merkel?

Deutsche Welle (Germany) (9/24/21): Are the US and China tiptoeing towards an Indo-Pacific Cold War?

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (9/15/21): Beijing's leadership gets put to the test at the SCO 

South China Morning Post (9/14/21): Wang Yi visit: Singapore pledges to work with China amid US overtures

Deutsche Welle (Germany) (9/10/21): Expert: "Guinea coup caught China off guard" (in Mandarin)

Business Insider (9/8/21): China is irritating more countries in Asia, but the US is struggling to come up with a better offer

South China Morning Post (8/25/21): What is the Indo-Pacific region and why does the US keep using this term?

Sydney Morning Herald (6/28/21): How to win friends and influence nations: China and the US battle it out

Philippines Strategic Forum (5/31/21): Reacting to Myanmar’s coup to protect democratic gains

Radio Free Asia (2/4/21): Military coup sounds death knell for Myanmar’s peace process: experts

VnExpress (Vietnam) (11/10/20): What does Biden presidency hold for Vietnam?

VnExpress (Vietnam) (11/3/20): What Pompeo's visit augurs for post-election Vietnam-US relations

Asia Times (10/29/20): What a Biden win would mean for Southeast Asia

Fundamental Freedoms Fund (US State Department) (4/30/20): Patterns of Autocracy

US-China Economic Commission (US Congress) (5/1/20): China’s engagement with Africa

El Mercurio (Chile) (4/26/20): Chinese diplomacy shows its teeth (in Spanish) 

Voice of America Khmer (12/13/19): Analyst: Hun Sen can overcome Western pressure with China backing (in Khmer) 

Public Radio International (7/24/19): The World: Agent Orange (borrowed audio from my The Atlantic story)

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