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Select media engagements, speeches, and panel appearances

DCN Global (Australia) (10/17/23): Trust in the digital age

Upstate International (South Carolina) (10/3/23): Democracy, authoritarianism, and protests

Alaska World Affairs Council (9/28/23): Defeating the Dictators

Bloomberg (9/9/23): Why China, Russia can't outcompete the U.S. and other democracies

Institute of European and International Affairs (Ireland) (7/18/23): Can Democracy Prevail? How to Reinvigorate Democracy 

Los Angeles World Affairs Council and Town Hall (6/13/23): Defeating the Dictators

American Purpose’s Bookstack Podcast (5/3/2023): Charles Dunst on Defeating the Dictators

Center for Strategic and International Studies (4/19/23): Book launch: Defeating the Dictators

POLITICO (4/13/23): China Watcher: US-Philippine embrace — Taiwan Strait — What’s on Weibo

Nikkei Asia (4/11/23): Philippines, U.S. hold biggest-ever drills to counter China

TV Tokyo (Japan) (3/27/23): What is the purpose of Taiwan's president's visit to the United States?

The Lawfare Podcast (Brookings Institution) (3/21/23): Charles Dunst on Defeating the Dictators 

Afternoon Drive with John Maytham (South Africa) (3/8/23): Defeating the Dictators 

Spectrum News 1 (2/27/23): The global rise of autocratic regimes

Bloomberg Radio (2/23/23): How democracy can beat autocracy 

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty (2/22/23): China and the fight between democracies and autocracies

The Bunker (2/9/23): How to beat the strongmen – and save democracy 

BBC News (2/8/23): Zelensky goes to Westminster 

Royal United Services Institute (2/8/23): Defeating the Dictators 

Fabian Society (2/3/23): Defeating the Dictators 

Bloomberg News (10/24/22): US allies fear Trump whiplash, eye midterms for political clues

U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (10/17/22): Deterring Chinese gray zone activity in Cambodia

Financial Times (5/26/22): Australia and US move to shore up Pacific support after China’s overtures

Taiwan+ News (Taiwan) (5/16/22): U.S. President Biden steps up Asia ties 

POLITICO (5/11/22): Philippines – Minimum viable democracy on the way

Taiwan+ News (Taiwan) (3/22/22): U.S. declares “genocide” in Myanmar 

Bloomberg News (3/15/22): China says it wants to avoid U.S. Sanctions over Russia's war

TV Tokyo (Japan) (3/6/22): Interview on China-Russia relations (in Japanese)

POLITICO (2/4/22): Global Insider newsletter: How to blow $250 million

POLITICO (1/31/22): Global Insider newsletter: The party's over in Downing Street

POLITICO (12/10/21): National Security Daily newsletter: The Biden admin's monthly counter-China club

TV Tokyo (Japan) (11/22/21): Interview on US-China tensions (in Japanese)

Sydney Morning Herald (6/28/21): How to win friends and influence nations: China and the US battle it out

BBC News (3/28/21): Interview on China-Myanmar ties 

BBC News (1/25/20): From Our Own Correspondent (about Cambodia) 

ABC News (1/12/19): Cambodian refugees deported back to nation 40 years after genocide 

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