Media and panel appearances

American Purpose (12/8/2020): Will America defend Taiwan? (virtual panel) (video will be available shortly)

Fundamental Freedoms Fund (U.S. State Department) (4/30/2020): Patterns of Autocracy (no public link)

BBC News (1/25/2020): From Our Own Correspondent (about Cambodia) (radio/podcast appearance) 

ABC News (1/12/2019): Cambodian refugees deported back to nation 40 years after genocide (TV appearance)

Newsy (12/14/2018): Trump administration looks to deport Vietnamese (TV appearance) (video available upon request)

Media commentary

VnExpress (Vietnam) (11/10/2020): What does Biden presidency hold for Vietnam?

VnExpress (Vietnam) (11/3/2020): What Pompeo's visit augurs for post-election Vietnam-US relations

El Mercurio (Chile) (4/26/2020): Chinese diplomacy shows its teeth (in Spanish) 

Voice of America Khmer (12/13/2019): Analyst: Hun Sen can overcome Western pressure with China backing (in Khmer) 

Public Radio International (7/24/2019): The World: Agent Orange (borrowed audio behind my The Atlantic story)

Scholarly and political coverage

Genocide Studies and Prevention journal (12/21/2020): Cambodian Family Albums: Tian's "L'année du lièvre"

The Doha Forum (Qatar) & Stimson Center (12/2020): Coping with new and old crises

U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (12/2020): 2020 Annual Report to Congress

ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute (Singapore) (11/19/2020): Cambodia's foreign policy post-COVID-19: key challenges

ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute (Singapore) (10/22/2020): Non-negotiables for U.S. approaches to Southeast Asia

National Defense University's PRISM journal (10/21/2020): The essence of strategic competition with China

China Leadership Monitor (9/1/2020): Chinese crisis decision making: managing the COVID-19 pandemic

East-West Center (9/2020): China's pandemic policy

United Nations University (9/2020): Regional integration and trade in the era of COVID-19

Asan Institute for Policy Studies (South Korea) (8/21/2020): Global, regional order and middle powers in the G0 era (in Korean)

Observer Research Foundation (India) (6/16/2020): Knowing one’s friends and allies: the politics of the BRICS...

Foreign Affairs (6/10/2020): China has designs on democracy in Southeast Asia

Texas A&M University (5/2020): Patterns of Autocracy (funded by the Fundamental Freedoms Fund) (no public link)

Congressional Research Service (4/30/2020): COVID-19: potential implications for international security environment

Foundation for East [South China] Sea Studies (Vietnam) (3/17/2020): Potential U.S.-ASEAN relations (in Vietnamese)

Atlantic Council (1/2020): Democracy under siege: advancing cooperation and common values in the Indo-Pacific

Asian American Law Journal (9/30/2019): California divided: the restrictions and vulnerabilities in implementing SB 54

Heritage Foundation (7/30/2019): Testimony on human rights in Cambodia to the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Marshall Project (4/17/2019): Vietnam War: a curated collection of links

Congressional Research Service (1/28/2019): Cambodia: background and U.S. relations

Democratic Party (1/16/2019): ICYMI: The Atlantic: Cambodian deportees return to a ‘home’ they’ve never known

U.S. Senate (12/21/2018): Letter to the Department of Homeland Security re Southeast Asian deportations

U.S. House of Representatives (12/19/2018): Letter to Department of Homeland Security re Southeast Asian deportations

Former Secretary of State John Kerry (12/13/2018): Tweeted my story on Trump's deportation of Vietnam War refugees

Democratic Party (12/13/2018): ICYMI: The Atlantic: Trump moves to deport Vietnam War refugees

Popular media coverage

NBC News (12/5/2020): Netflix's 'Big Mouth' Season 4 makes up for past queer missteps in a rollicking return to form

Matamata Politik (9/2/2020) (Indonesia): The U.S. can win Southeast Asia again, here's how (in Bahasa Indonesia)

World Politics Review (6/3/2020): Top reads on China: “The death of Chinese nonintervention”

Jana K. Lipman (book published in 6/2020): In Camps: Vietnamese Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Repatriates

Politico Europe (5/22/2020): POLITICO Brussels Playbook: Trump pulls out — Beach or mountain? — China spotlight

The Week (England) (4/25/2020): The corona wars (in print)

New Talk (Taiwan) (4/23/2020): 不幫忙只卸責 中國疫情大外宣 連開發中國家都不買單 (in Taiwanese Mandarin)

Hanoi Times (Vietnam) (3/5/2020): Summit cancellation a major blow to US relations with ASEAN

The Times of Israel (11/28/2019): Israeli envoy wishes Myanmar success in trial over alleged genocide

Pulitzer Prize Winner Viet Thanh Nguyen (5/22/2019): "A little-known episode of Asian/American history"

NBC News (1/17/2019): Uncertainty over U.S.-Vietnam agreement leads to deportation concerns

The Washington Post (1/2/2019): Max Boot: Trump’s plan to deport Vietnamese betrays a sacred American principle

Literary Hub (12/24/2018): Bich Minh Nguyen on the refugee experience of holiday narratives

McClatchy (12/21/2018): Leading Republicans question Trump plan to deport Vietnamese refugees

NPR (12/18/2018): U.S. deports dozens more Cambodian immigrants, some for decades-old crimes

The New Yorker (12/17/2018): A Cambodian refugee with a decades-old conviction fights deportation

The Washington Post (12/13/2018): Power Up: Trump’s immigration clampdown continues

Politico (12/13/2018): Vietnamese face deportation

GQ (12/13/2018): Mass deportation was never about "law and order"

Pod Save America (12/13/2018): "Owned in the Oval"

Vox (12/12/2018): Trump is pushing Vietnam to accept deportees who have lived in the U.S. for over 20 years

The New York Times (12/3/2018): Viet Thanh Nguyen: Victims of war, and now victims of the Trump administration

Democracy Digest (8/16/2018): Engaging illiberal Hungary: ‘excessively transactional, insufficiently rhetorical’?​

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