Media and panel appearances

GZERO Media (7/23/2021): The US can advance democracy without being the world's sheriff (with Ian Bremmer)

GZERO Media (7/1/2021): Europe's "clear vision" for relations with China is one-sided (with Ian Bremmer)

GZERO Media (6/17/2021): NATO’s role as a deterrent is still critically important to the US (with Ian Bremmer)

GZERO Media (5/20/2021): Multinational corporations aren't about to give up on global business (with Ian Bremmer)

BBC News (3/28/2021): BBC World News: Myanmar violence (TV appearance)

Fundamental Freedoms Fund (U.S. State Department) (4/30/20): Patterns of Autocracy (panel, not recorded)

BBC News (1/25/2020): From Our Own Correspondent (about Cambodia) (radio/podcast appearance) 

American Purpose (12/8/20): Will America defend Taiwan? (panel, not recorded)

ABC News (1/12/2019): Cambodian refugees deported back to nation 40 years after genocide (TV appearance)

Newsy (12/14/2018): Trump administration looks to deport Vietnamese (TV appearance) (video available upon request)


The Sydney Morning Herald (6/28/2021): How to win friends and influence nations: China and the US battle it out

Philippines Strategic Forum (5/31/2021): Reacting to Myanmar’s coup to protect democratic gains

Radio Free Asia (2/4/2021): Military coup sounds death knell for Myanmar’s peace process: experts

VnExpress (Vietnam) (11/10/2020): What does Biden presidency hold for Vietnam?

VnExpress (Vietnam) (11/3/2020): What Pompeo's visit augurs for post-election Vietnam-US relations

Fundamental Freedoms Fund (U.S. State Department) (4/30/2020): Patterns of Autocracy

El Mercurio (Chile) (4/26/2020): Chinese diplomacy shows its teeth (in Spanish) 

Voice of America Khmer (12/13/2019): Analyst: Hun Sen can overcome Western pressure with China backing (in Khmer) 

Public Radio International (7/24/2019): The World: Agent Orange (borrowed audio from my The Atlantic story)